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Mālama Honua Farm Church is a community of rooted in first nation teachings. We have a kuleana to others, through service, supporting important causes, and protecting the innocent. We have a kuleana to ourselves, by becoming our best selves, improving, and giving ourselves credit. We have a kuleana to take care of the earth. Our philosophy is deeply in ancient tradition and ways that are woven from lineage holders from many indigenous people which we come from. We seek to restore cultural practices and ways in which we have permission to teach, lead and love as we connect to the earth.

National park


To plant seeds, literally as well as philosophically. As we follow native teachings and ways we know the most important lesson you can learn is from growing and nurturing relationship. We are living in a world suffering from the colonization of people and the planet who are hungry to connect back to the teachings and ways of being in sync with nature. We help by growing foods and teaching people how to plant seeds of restoration in their lives in tune with nature.



We consider all beings to be sovereign and divine, and that they each deserve to have their free will and choice respected within a context of interconnectedness.


We believe that the energy of creation is in all things, and that all things are beings.


We believe that we are no greater or lesser than any other. 


We believe in connecting to land, place, ecosystems, and non-human kingdoms in ongoing actions of reciprocal relationship.


We believe in the interconnected and interdependent nature of all things in creation. 


We believe in many ways and many paths to right relationship, connection with sacredness and the divine, and honoring the connection between all things. 


We believe that value is innate and distinct from contribution, and does not need to be earned. We have value by existing, as do all things. As all things that exist were created, our value is inextricable from our interconnectedness.


We believe that we are one with nature: of it, not separate from it. 


We believe in being stewards of and in service to life and all of its cycles. 


We respect the natural cycles of existence, and gather around the elements, seasons, and natural transformative processes with true humility for the forces beyond us in this universe.

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