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Kahuna Pule - Pastor

Marita aka One Who Catches Lightning and Keeper of the Thunderstone is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our church’s culture by being an active leader in our ever-growing community. As our Lightning Catcher and main cacao keeper and weed puller they play a crucial role in the spiritual life at Mālama Honua Farm Church.



Director Of Beauty

Rose brings beauty, coordiantion, and balance to all things here on the farm. She is truly the nurturing heart of the farm you can find them sprouting seeds, sharing affirmations, or nursing hurt animals. 



Love Ambassador

Jacky comes with a mirad of spiritual backgrounds as well as hands on  experience including coming from a family who farmed cacao and coffee in Colombia.  Loving love no wonder people love Jacky when they officiate their marriage celebrations. 



Universal Rock Collector

Angell Deer joins us as a leader and advisor having created their own church in Upstate New York. A land steward and farmer as well they bring Andean philosophiesto the circle.

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